How to Write an Effective New Year’s Resolution?

I do believe that a New Year’s resolution is a great thing to have. However, the majority of people end up putting up some claims or desires that they probably will never achieve. How  can we make it work?


Having a strategy in life helps immensely. If you want to achieve something, spend some time and write down how you are going to do it. I see New Year’s resolution as a medium-term plan that helps me to stay focused on my goals.

I want to share with you a few tips on how to make an effective New Year’s Resolution, the one that you will actually stick to.

1) Business schools teach us that our goals should be S.M.A.R.T. Apply this to your New Year’s Resolution and write down your goals.

Avoid abstract statements. “Learn Spanish” is abstract. Get B2 in Spanish is a specific goal.

“I want to earn more” is not measurable. Set an exact goal that can be measured.

It’s important to write down real goals, the ones that are possible to achieve.

Don’t forget about your overall strategy of life. Make your short and mid-term goals contribute to your big mission.

Time bound.
Setting a timeline is vital, it keeps your on track and pushes for a final move when needed.

So the goal should be like: “I want to achieve B2 level in Spanish by the end of April 2014”.

2) A few advices I want to give.

Travel. Throw your TV away. Drink more water. Allow yourself to get drunk sometimes. Get a full health check (ask your partner to do the same). Make a list of books to read. Start working on something that brings you joy, and money. Start learning a new language or sign up for a dancing class.

I personally love the idea of acquiring new skills! Say, sign up for courses, classes, dancing, etc for a few months, get the basics of it – move on. This will make you a well-rounded person and you will be much better at making friends.

3) Guys, read this great unofficial Goldman Sachs guide on Being a Man. There are some gems inside.

Most importantly, stay healthy and happy. Write down your goals and achieve them! We only live once!

Happy New Year everyone! Please let me know how you do it and what worked for you!

Here’s a great inspirational video for you!


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