How many daily downloads does your app need to be #1 on the App Store?

As you may know, I always share numbers and interesting data about the App Store ecosystem. This time is no different.

I’ve recently made a very successful campaign for Printer Pro for iPhone. This is a neat app that allows you to print directly from your iPhone to any wireless and even USB printer. The regular price is $4.99, but we’ve made it free for 48 hours for this campaign. As a result, it instantly became #1 free app in more than 15 countries worldwide. That is why I have the very “fresh” data on the current state of the App Store.


With no further intro, here’s what I’ve got. Please note, that the numbers apply to free iPhone charts on April 14th. I will mention the most significant countries and numbers.

Brazil #1 – 67,600

Canada #1 – 44,660

Denmark #1 – 18,300

Germany #1 – 88,310

Spain #1 – 28,840

Ireland #1 – 4,100 (only!)

Italy #1 – 61,280

Turkey – 26,800

Mexico #1 – 29,670

Netherlands #1 – 35,620

Russia #1 – 74,000

Sweden #1 – 21,570

Other notable countries are United states and Japan. In the US it reached rank 45 yesterday with 50k+ daily downloads (I will update the data since today Printer Pro is #11 in the US). Looking at the previous campaign for Scanner Pro, it took us 330K+ daily downloads  in the US to become #1 app on the App Store. As for Japan, the app was ranked #27 with 25K+ downloads.

Update (April 15th): Printer Pro for iPhone reached #10 place in the US top chart with only 80K daily downloads.

I will update this post tomorrow since I will have the second day of downloads, so the data will be more accurate. The App Store has some kind of inertia when it comes to rankings and download numbers.

Please, do ask questions if you have any. I will do a further analysis with these numbers.

P.S. Watch a video that we shoot for Printer Pro a few months ago. And yes, that’s me out there.


11 thoughts on “How many daily downloads does your app need to be #1 on the App Store?

  1. Actually, these figures don’t tell anything about “How many daily downloads does your app need to be #1”, but just how many apps you have sold in each app store. Take for example the case of Germany, Ireland and the USA. Did it take really 88,130 downloads in Germany, to reach the top ? We can’t tell, maybe it reached the top just after 4,100 downloads, as it happened in Ireland. But then, how many downloads were really necessary, in Ireland, to reach the top ?
    You get the report at the end of the day, so the only thing that can be said is that it reached the top in both countries, but that in Germany there have been more downloads than in Ireland. The only figure that is meaningful, for your analysis of ‘how many downloads are needed’ is the one that come from the USA: 50K+ weren’t enough to reach the top.

    One can probably guess that a lot more apps are downloaded daily from the USA store, but certainly not by this figure alone. The same goes for the other countries. You can’t evaluate “How many daily downloads does your app need to be #1” if you don’t have real-time data.

    • Andreas, thanks for the feedback.
      Indeed, my article was more of a data sharing one. The numbers I provided are the exact amount of downloads we’ve received in each country. During 48 hours campaign it is impossible to obtain the data on what’s the difference between 1st and 2nd spots in the top chart.

      • And indeed, these figures attest to your success.
        A further analysis regarding free vs. paid app considerations would be unnecessary, given the renowned quality of your apps, but that’s also why it would be quite interesting to get more data over a more extended period of time, nonetheless.

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