A big mountain.

I finally managed to find some time to tell you about our snowboarding experience in Solden.

Solden (Austria) is considered to be one of the best ski resorts in Europe. It took as a few days to decide which place to go, but most certainly we wanted to attend Austria, given our previous experience with Ischgl.

There are many great places to go skiing or snowboarding in Europe, so you have to choose wisely. All these resorts have specific characteristics: are you a fan of high-end posh tourists – Courchevel or St Moritz are the places to go, or do you prefer crazy young atmosphere? Then Ischgl or Mayrhofen is probably a place for you.

Solden looked great on the map. It’s one of a few places very Olympic Games took place, so you can imagine that the quality of slopes is outstanding.


Yet, some things made me reluctant to go here again in the future.

The Good.

Amazing slopes. High mountains. Not too many people in January. Great Austrian food and service.

The Bad.

Not too many red and black slopes. It takes forever to go on a glacier (you have to change 3-4 times). The connecting paths are bad for snowboarders. Only two big mountains.


Overall, it’s a great place for a skier or snowboarder with some experience.  However, Ischgl was much better in every way (snowboarding, socially, etc). It’s time to try French Alps next time.

Here’s a short video made by GoPro on my helmet. As always, feel free to ask questions – I am always happy to answer.