PDF Expert 5 is #3 on the App Store. Wonder how many downloads it takes to get there?

People tend to exaggerate when it comes to the top charts of the App Store. We all hear about quadrillion revenues and multi-billion exits. But do you know exactly how much developers earn? That’s why sometimes it’s better not to earn anything. :)

The Mac App Store in super tiny, #8 position in top paid charts with just 94 downloads gives around $450 a day, according to Sam Soffes.

iOS App Store is slightly bigger, but it seems to be the playground for huge titles and freemium monsters. I’m happy to share some numbers from the top paid charts of the App Store.

This week our flagship product – PDF Expert 5 – went on a 50% sale to celebrate Teacher’s Appreciation Week (hosted by Apple) and got into Top 3 Paid iPad apps in the U.S.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 01.53.52

Wonder how many downloads does it take to get there? Only 700-800 downloads will grant you a place in the Top 5 chart for sure. But bear in mind that App Store ranking system is somewhat more complicated than just plain number of downloads, it also takes into account factors like rating, timing, usage, and god knows what else. So if you do the maths and give away 30% Apple cut you’ll see that the revenues are that hefty.

While being #3 Paid App with $4.99 price tag, it only gave us #160 position in Top Grossing chart. Once again we are witnessing the rise of freemium apps and content.

Welcome to the real world.


One thought on “PDF Expert 5 is #3 on the App Store. Wonder how many downloads it takes to get there?

  1. Denys, interesting post! To me, its ok that you charge for you apps, even twofold. they are outstanding and really help for work. calendar; documents, pdfe and Scanner pro are a very useful combo for productivity. congrats and keep doing such a great work.

    readdle definitely sums real value to ipad.


    El 07/05/2015, a las 12:24, Tech and Inspiration escribió:

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