A Rough Week For App Store Developers

The last 7 days was a bumpy ride for the whole App Store ecosystem. Being one of the leading developers there (at least in Productivity space) we are aiming to create great user experience at any given point of time, so if Apple needs our help – we are happy to provide whatever needed.

Watch OS 2 Issue

The things started to go down around iOS 9 release, when Apple announced that Watch OS 2 cannot go live because of a critical bug. The damage to the ecosystem wasn’t critical because there are not too many Apple Watches in the world right now, and Apple was quick with the fixes a few days after.

App Store Analytics Struggles

A few weeks ago we’ve noticed some issues in our app numbers and those from App Store Analytics. They simple were not matching, so it’s hard for us to make business decisions (be it picking the wining A/B test, or the right numbers for our app page conversions. Once we reported this, App Store told us that analytics “is broken for iOS 8.4.1”.

Yesterday, I noticed that App Store analytics doesn’t work for iOS 9 devices.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 10.32.19

Once again, it’s not critical. But we’ve been working on iOS 9 updates for all our apps for over 2 months, and it would be great to see how people use those features, adoption and so on.

iTunes Connect Delays

Update: If your builds are stuck in “processing, try to reload them”.

The way iTunes Connect works is simple. You compile your app build with Xcode, upload that to iTC with Application Loader and the build should be available for submission to the App Store.

Yesterday we’ve updated 4 flagship apps (Scanner Pro, PDF Expert, Documents and Spark) to support 3D touch and Quick Actions on the new iPhones. We always add new functionality to our software to take the most from the new hardware. In the end, this will help Apple to sell more iPhones 6s.

However, our apps are stuck in “processing” the build to iTC for over 10 hours already. I looked on Twitter, and saw many other developers struggling with the same issue.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 09.47.35

Truth be told, Apple is being very responsive and willing to help. So hopefully, we can get our apps in the App Store right before iPhone 6s release, so the new users can enjoy Quick Actions – it’s really going to change how we use apps.

Room For Improvement

Apple is definitely doing a lot right, and I personally love that company. All I want is a stable ecosystem for both developers and customers. Because in the end, this defines Apple’s own success in selling iOS devices to tens of millions people. Unfortunately, not that many developers these days can build sustainable businesses around apps (unlike in 2012). The whole App Store mechanics has changed, but that’s whole another issue that deserves a separate blog post.

We, and other developers, are always open for feedback and help when it comes to fixing the ecosystem or finding bugs. Giving the volume of apps it’s not an easy task for Apple to get everything right, but there’s no-one else on this planet who can do it better than them.


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