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Denys Zhadanov is a VP of Marketing at Readdle.

He has spent last 5 years transforming a small Ukrainian startup into one of the best and well-known app studios that creates productivity and business iOS apps.  Readdle is known for Scanner Pro, Calendars 5, Documents, PDF Expert and Documents with over 40M downloads worldwide. Scale VP named Readdle #1 business apps developer .

Denys occasionally speaks at tech conferences and mentors great startups. He is often quoted by tech media such as TechCrunch, The Verge, The Next Web,  Cnet.

Travelling is his main hobby, that’s why you might see a lot of posts and videos from different countries.

Video production is another hobby so that is why he founded a separate small team. Here are a few examples of videos they create: first and second and third.

You can find him on Twitter @denzhadanov or e-mail here.

To give you a visual perspective on his globetrotting check our his Instagram.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Доброго дня. Прочитав інтерв’ю на ain.ua побачив що шукаєте smm спеціаліста, як можна зв’язатися чи домовитись про співбесіду ?
    Дякую за відповідь!

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