Iconic Video: My Video Production Hobby

I am happy to share with you my latest and greatest hobby – film and video production! We call it Iconic Video.

It often bugged me what to answer on a simple, yet challenging question: “What’s your hobby?”. – Traveling? Reading? Art? Sure, but it should be more of an “activity”, so when I started doing videos for Readdle apps two years ago, I instantly fell in love with the video production process. So this is how it all began. Actually, it started a bit earlier when I was asked to act the main role in a short ad movie, but that’s a whole another story. :)

I was lucky enough to gather a group of creative and bright people for this project, including the best camera-man, post-production guy, popular stylist, great make-up artist and actors (luckily, Odessa is full of good-looking people).

FullSizeRender 3

Our goal was (and is) to shoot a great videos that showcase and explain services and apps, mostly in tech (you bet!). The very first video for Documents by Readdle got 90,000 views very fast. Of course, my main priority is to shoot great videos for Readdle, however, I recently helped a good friend of mine, David Barnard, to shoot a video for his Perfect Weather iOS app.

Perfect Weather for iPhone from Contrast on Vimeo.

My heart and soul belongs to Readdle and I’m 150% on it. We’re currently working on something big that will bring us to the new level. So Iconic Video is a hobby of mine where I express my creative mind and soul. So, say, instead of drinking another Long Island Ice tea at the bar with friends in Friday night, I’d much rather be thinking about the best way to showcase my friend’s app, where to shoot and which actors to hire for another great video.

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I guess it is obvious that every app or service should have a promo video. Yes, people are lazy and selfish, they don’t like to read long (sometimes boring) descriptions. Remember how Dollar Shave Club business succeeded because of THIS video?

I want to bring this thing to another level and shoot a short movie that addresses social aspects and issues of our lives. Hopefully I can do it this fall. You’ll like it.

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So if you ever need a good video, these folks (with my curation) might help you out. I’m happy to share insights and thoughts about video production, usefulness of it for business and more. Don’t be shy and ask me questions.